Born Twin

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Born Twin


Born Twin is a very moving social commentary on the unnecessarily cruel suffering that befalls individual citizens of a society whose way of life is both primitive and superstitious.

The novel tells the story of a girl, Nse, who was thrown out of the clan because she was born twin. her twin brother died but she was rescued by a missionary from a ditch and brought up in a home for destitute s. In her early teens a childless couple adopted her but time did not last before the foster mother died leaving Nse with her foster father who promptly turned her into a mistress. Nse became pregnant and fled to a distant land.The old man died of a curse in that instant land.

Fortunes spelt well for Nse in her new home. She was delivered with a son and soon met a lover with whom she married and brought up the family happily.

The Novel is well told, the char actors most convincing, and the dramatic incidents make good reading. It is a must for all fiction lovers.


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